Honey Lace Wigs 

Non surgical alternative hairline replacement 

How to Maintain Wavy Hair Weave


Wavy Lace Units

  •  De-tangle and Braid your hair "EVERY NIGHT" - before going to bed.
  •  Make 2 to 4 braids for body wave hair
  •  Make 4-6 braids or more for deep wave hair
  •  The bigger the braid the bigger the wave.
  •  The smaller the braid the smaller the wave.

  •  Brush hair from ends to root
  •  Pay attention to Hair around ears & nape of neck.
  • As needed use a de-tangling spray/setting lotion mixture and/or a moisturizer (just a dab, rub vigorously in the palms of your hands before applying to hair ) 
  •  OR USE "
  • any non oily sheen spray formulated for natural hair and wigs
  •  (DO NOT Spray directly on the lace cap base of your unit, spray on the hairs only)

  •  Overuse of product may create a buildup on the hair, if this happens lightly mist air with a spray bottle of water, de-tangle with a vent brush then rinse the hairs thoroughly with water air dry and/or braid and let dry. Lightly moisturize afterwards.