Honey Lace Wigs 

Non surgical alternative hairline replacement 

How to Clean Old Tape & Glue from wig

1. Saturate the old tape and glue on your wig with citrus remover.

2. Soak perimeter of wig that is covered with the citrus remover in a shallow bowl filled with alcohol.

3. Slowly peel & scrape old tape from wig

4. Squeeze excess glue from the lace.

5. Pinch lace between fingers and gently scrape old glue from lace.

(You can use the end/edge of a hair clip to do this.)

6.) Spray lightly with alcohol onto any remaining residue.

7.) Wipe or brush the lace with a towel or use a soft bristle toothbrush to get the remaining residue out of the lace.

8.) Rub the lace across a mirror to expel any hard to remove residue.

(Your mirror can be cleaned with windex window cleaner or scraped with a razor to remove residue