Honey Lace Wigs 

Non surgical alternative hairline replacement 

ALL prospective Lace Fusion Weave  & Lace Wig & customers require a CONSULTATION
CONSULTATIONS are $20 cash upfront
if you decide to purchase a HoneyLaceWig or Hair weave 
then the price may be later deducted from your wig or hair weave purchase 
Every service begins with a consultation.
 There are 2 types of consults a 
FULL consult & a mini consult:

A FULL consultation is $20 : (cash upfront)
 It is a scheduled appointment consultation, it's  done for ALL custom lace Fusion weaves sand lace wig weave prospects

  • Question and Answer session
We discuss pricing, colors, textures, style and execution. 
This is conducted to ensure that both parties have a clear understanding on what is to be expected. 
I ask that you write ALL of your questions down on paper and present pictures of the style you desire.

  • Measurement & Fitting 
I inspect your hairline, and do a scalp & hair analysis as well as a patch test
I take you head measurements & a copy is given to you to keep for your self
You try on various hair pieces I have In-stock and view Virgin & Remy hair weaves.
  • Evaluation & Recommendation
 After all of this is done I give you my evaluation. I advise you on hair techniques which are best suited for you
I inform you of steps taken to execute the hairstyle that you have chosen, the hair weave that is needed and estimated time it may take, I then take into consideration, your hair, head size, shape etc.. I will then quote you a price based on what needs to be done. 

  • Deposit & Dates
 A deposit of 50% is collected and your wig/weave cap goes into production. 
After your wig/weave cap is completed we agree on a time & date to proceed with your New Style

***Upon your return a Mini consult is done again to just briefly go over your style choice & what we discussed. You then ask any questions that you may have forgotten. And I  proceed to make you look beautiful.

A mini consult is free :
 it is usually done prior to the service. It usually takes no more than a few minutes. It is done to get a few things established;
price, style, time, weave & execution. 
During the styling process I ask that you hold a steady head. Please keep questions to a minimum. (I'm an artist and perfectionist, I like to concentrate on my work, ( your hair ). Stopping to answer questions or even trying to figure out what you are talking about makes the process take much longer ) I know it may be hard, but try not to move and jerk your head unexpectedly or constantly turn towards the mirror.
*please note: If you change the style that you want the price you were quoted may change

**** Phone, email & online consultations are now available and are done at the discretion and availability of the stylist.


If you are asking  lots of questions with the premise of trying to learn my techniques, please know, I do give private classes, you do not have to be a stylist to take my class, it's open for everyone. 
***I also give instructional application appointments. please ask me for details***